Is it Real or or is it Memorex????

October 14, 2014 | 11 comments

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Anyone who knows me, knows I am a techie gal. I love my gadgets – always have!  I am the girl with the smart phone at the ready to answer anything you may be wondering about. “Who sings that song?” “What is the population of Iceland?” “What does MERV mean?”  “Google that shit” is my motto ;)

Stands to reason right, considering I work in IT?  So, a couple of years ago, in true techie fashion, I switched my all my home decor mags over e-mags. I was all over reading (who am I kidding – I really just look at the pictures) them electronically.  Saving paper … you know … good for the environment.

And how is that working for me?  Not so good.  Back when I was ‘ruining the environment’ with half a dozen magazines arriving monthly, I would at least glance through the publication, flipping pages and marking what appealed to me.  Now — they go for MONTHS and MONTHS without a glance.  Occasionally – usually when I’m travelling – I will open up the magazines and glance through them.  Of course that depends of course on whether I’d actually downloaded them to my iPad – which I never seem to do while I’m on wifi … grrrrr!

So this techie gal is moving back to the printed world … but don’t tell the Mister … he’ll roll his eyes and sigh.

How do you read your mags?  Are you good old paper in hand or have you mastered the digital magazine?  I’d love to hear!


11 responses to “Is it Real or or is it Memorex????”

  1. Ug! I am so with you Donna. The online magazines and I aren’t warming up to each other at all. I am sticking with my hard copies. It’s not the same curling up with the computer vs. curling up to glossy pages in print!

  2. Yep, I tried to move to the digital thing but I really love taking a stack my hardcopy mags and flipping through them from time to time. I’ll stick with Pinterest for clipping things I love but give me the real deal magazines for a fully satisfying reading experience!

  3. I actually stopped reading magazine altogether. I found that once the ad ratio overtook the content ratio, I would just get frustrated and now spend more of my time online.

    Of course, I still do enjoy indulging in a printed magazine once in a while because I can clip pages and put them in my idea books.

  4. Rejeanne Huot says:

    I must say I much prefer the printed copy although my hubbie is not too fond of these when they pile up here and there in the condo!

  5. I love the real life versions of mags… there is something much more enjoyable about finding an image or article you like and bending down the corner to mark your place… :)

  6. I also like a mix of both.
    I like flipping thru real paper and tearing out pages … so much cooler than saving online photos.
    But online is so convenient too!

    • Donna says:

      I think it was the convenience that drew me there Angie – and maybe the fact that I could get many mags without the mailman (and the Mister) complaining (true story – about the mailman – :))!

  7. I do a mix of both Donna. Some mags come in print so I always have hot tub reading, and some I just subscribe to through Zinio for when I travel and to be able to store them without taking up space in my condo!!

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