Living in a Barn

October 29, 2014 | 8 comments

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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about country living.  A piece of land.  Surrounded by trees. Perched on a lake perhaps.  Close your eyes – can you picture it?

So I’ve been browsing.  For both property and homes.  In my web travels I came across several barn conversions.  There is just something about barns … even when they are falling apart, I see the beauty in them.  I’ve since been pondering what life would be like living in a barn.  Here are just a few I came across that I think I could happily reside – check them out:

This barn conversion in Whidbey Island, Washington used the addition of large windows and skylights to brighten the interior and make the space a wonderful mix of old and new.

Source: SHED Architects ( via

This conversion in Devon, England used the addition of laminate beam supports to solidify the structure.  Although not part of the original barn structure, the beams seem to speak of times past.



This next conversion of a threshing barn in Surrey, England mixes linear elements with soft flowing curves.  Mondrian inspired windows and a stunning circular staircase to a “bridge” connecting second floor rooms at either end of the home give this home a very unique appeal.


Source: via

And finally this small stone barn conversion in the Scottish Highlands has captured my heart.  Leachachan Barn’s interior is the perfect mix of wood, stone and drywall.  The home is small enough to be perfectly functional, but the large windows and expansive views give you the feeling you are in the great outdoors.  And …. it’s a vacation rental to boot! Hmmm…

Source: c/o Photo: Nigel Rigden (

Source: via
Photo: Nigel Rigden (

What are your thoughts on barn conversions?  Would you live in one?



8 responses to “Living in a Barn”

  1. I would live in any of these in a minute! Gorgeous spaces!

  2. Terri says:

    I would love to live in a barn, without the smells off course, I guess I mean a barn shaped house

  3. Well you know exactly how I feel about barns… to live in one, a conversion would be a dream! These are beautiful!

  4. Lisa Goulet says:

    Absolutely as long as it was well insulated :-) That first pic is stunning! Let me know if you want someone to accompany you on your search!

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