The Salt Box – Friday Floor Plan

October 17, 2014 | 8 comments

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Glen Mawr Front Elevation

Source: Woodhouse – The Timber Frame Company

One of my good friends loves salt box homes.  I was curious as to the history behind these homes so did a little research and decided to feature one for my Friday Floor Plan.

According to Wikipedia, salt box homes are typically two-storey homes with a roofline that slopes to one-storey in the back.  There are varying theories behind the reasons for building homes like this, one being some ingenuity in avoiding the taxes on two-storey homes.  More than likely it was an evolution of the home to accommodate growing families by adding a single storey addition on the back.

Regardless of the reasons, salt boxes have historical charm and are distinctly Eastern seaboard in style.  The floor plan below is right on the money when evoking historical melancholy, don’t you think?

Glen Mawr First Floor

Source: Woodhouse – The Timber Frame Company


What I love:

  • The master bedroom has its own “wing”
  • Open casual kitchen-dining room
  • Separate den ie: office
  • An attic space for storage
  • The cool “study area” on the second floor
Glen Mawr Second Floor

Source: Woodhouse – The Timber Frame Company

What I’d change:

  • The angle of the kitchen island seems off – I would straighten that facing the dining area.
  • Add a fireplace in the living room

I could see this home situated in the rolling hills of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia (keeping to my Canadian roots :)) overlooking the Bay of Fundy!



8 responses to “The Salt Box – Friday Floor Plan”

  1. I love the look of these homes! but these days I’m completely hooked on one storey houses… ;)

  2. One of my favourite styles of homes… we lived in a little saltbox before this home, it was very hard to leave. :) Thanks for sharing.

    PS, 100% agree, that island is strange.

  3. I have never been a fan of salt box homes (from the East Coast and there are quite a few there) because of how flat the facade in the front is.

    But I do admit there are things about this floor plan I like. I like the master on the main floor and kids above. Of course that could just be because my kids are getting older… and louder. ;)

    • Donna says:

      I tend to agree with the flat front not being that appealing Janet. But I find a certain charm in some of the salt box homes, especially those with vibrant coloured exteriors. And, yes I can relate to the kiddies being on the second floor – although mine are not home anymore it wasn’t all that long ago, I was looking for quiet corners to escape their noise levels ;).

  4. Wynn Anne says:

    Yup, the island bugged me as well. It appears that the living room has dividers half way along the wall. Am I mis-reading that?

    • Donna says:

      I think they relate to the fact that this is a timber frame home Wynn Anne. They could be supporting structure at the ceiling level. Not sure, I’ve never seen them in a floor plan before.

  5. Lisa Goulet says:

    Exactly Donna that island would have to be straightened. Otherwise, it’s a great floor plan!

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