Hallelujah … and Beer!

March 28, 2016 | 0 comments

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So, remember back at the end of December when I said you’d see more of Paisley and Perspective in 2016 – well – ya – that didn’t work so well now did it??

To be honest, winter kicks the crap out of me – I hibernate, have no energy and am just plain lazy.  But now that we’ve had a hint of spring (and a 4 day weekend) I’m full of vim and vinegar.  And just a note to whoever controls time changes — that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day — HALLELUJAH! If I could sing like KD, I’d be belting this out every day about 5:00pm (EDT that is).

And while you enjoy a Canadian legend’s version of … well … the Canadian legend’s song, let’s talk another Canadian success.

Beau’s All Natural Brewery located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario.  A local brewery that has hit the big time with several great beers.  Here is one I tried yesterday and will have again … and again … you get the idea …

Beau's All Natural - Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale

So now, I’m going to go all wine-taster on you …

Quite unexpectedly, this beer is grapefruit on the nose and the palate.  To me, this usually means a hoppy beer, however, the finish is very smooth and un-hoppy (even if it IS Easter).  Crisp and clean on finish, this beer would be great with chicken, fish, or a great salad.

To quote the Beau’s website … “Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale is the first offering from the B-Side Brewing Label, and part of a portfolio of international brands of excellence to be produced fresh and locally for the Ontario market. Through the B-Side label, Beau’s All Natural will give internationally renowned craft breweries the opportunity to brew their beers in the province of Ontario.”

I, for one, would like to thank Beau’s for introducing me to Kissmeyer!

I picked up a few other Beau’s beers on my pre-Easter visit to the LCBO, so stay tuned for more reviews!

In the meantime, enjoy today, enjoy tomorrow and enjoy life!


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